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Multidimensional Energy Clearing with EFT & Harmonic Resonance Codes…. Depth healing for our high frequency and challenging times!

Hello Everyone, It’s Tuesday, 11/22/16 ( high frequency numbers),  It’s been snowing nonstop for 48 hours here in upstate New York.  It’s beautiful, magical, challenging and for me an invitation to go inward and do some personal work.  It’s also giving me the opportunity to write a bit about a new session I’m offering.  It…

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What can Energy Therapy & EFT do for me?

First let me share a bit about how EFT and Energy Therapy work. EFT/ Emotional Freedom Technique falls under the umbrella of Energy Therapy. Energy Therapy works to clear and shift the energy held in the subtle energy systems which include the chakras, energy meridians and bio-field or the energy field. By tapping, holding or…

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Why is Energy Clearing so Important?

Why is Energy Clearing so Important? Everything is energy, thoughts, emotions (energy in motion) experiences, people, places and things… all energy. It’s a wonder that it’s so important to pay attention to it.  Not many people understand however, HOW to pay attention to it or manage energy.  And if you want to experience vital health,…

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The Deep Sweep

Wellness Programs

Aura Clearing, Karmic Imprints Clearing and DNA Clearing and Activation…4 Sessions… $400 This Program is a deep multidimensional clearing of your chakras and auric field, karmic imprints and DNA.  Your DNA will receive a clearing as well as activations to restore its original intended divine blueprint and function.  This protocol is a four week process…

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The Deep Sweep with EFT Coaching

Blend The Deep Sweep Program that includes Aura Clearing, Karmic Imprints Clearing and DNA Clearing and Activation with EFT Coaching Sessions. Choose 7 or 9 weeks (4 for Deep Sweep & 3 or 5 sessions of EFT Coaching) 7 wks.  $740 9 wks.  $940 This is a powerful approach to creating dramatic shifts for healing,…

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How can EFT help you with emotional and physical stress

Energy Therapy with EFT approaches healing from the perspective that the energy of trauma and other uncomfortable experiences that we have a hard time processing get stuck in our subtle energy systems (the meridians, chakras and biofield).  Having this stuck energy not only creates emotional and physical discomfort, but also makes it difficult for us to move forward in our…

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meditation white singing bowl

More often than not the word itself, “meditation” scares people off.  We have visions of yogis sitting in full lotus with an aura of peace and serenity about them.  It’s common to believe that this is the ideal state that we aim for in our meditation practice and we are understandably intimidated.  Most of our…

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Your subtle energy & your Life

The fact that our subtle energy systems, and the health and vitality of these systems has an impact at all on our overall health, sense of well-being and consciousness is getting more attention, yet this area is still so largely overlooked.  Only in recent years has the AMA acknowledged the effectiveness of acupuncture and acupressure for restoring and maintaining…

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Healing Bodywork

Lynne Potteiger testimonials

Healing bodywork is an experience of being held in a gentle sea of love and acceptance where the recipient can soften the need to guard or even respond.  There’s a slowing down of the heart rate, the breath deepens and slows, and there’s a loosening of all that’s been tucked away of past traumas and life…

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