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EFT Life and Wellness Coaching

EFT Life and Wellness CoachingEFT/Emotional Freedom Technique with Life and Wellness coaching .... Emotional Freedom Technique and Energy Therapy methods help you to Identify and clear core issues that are blocking your ability to heal and experience wholeness & success.  These sessions are multidimensional, helping you to clear and integrate on all levels and access your innate capacity for effortless and enjoyable change and healing. Address areas of health, consciousness, prosperity, relationships, emotional well-being and making big or small changes in your life.

EFT works by clearing stuck energy from past unprocessed experiences, conditioning and old programing from your subtle energy systems ( meridians, Chakras and biofield)  It helps calm the stress centers in the brain and restructure the brain for higher functioning.  Experience a deep unwinding and new sense of freedom to create a life you love and to love who you are in the world.

When we can clear the denser energies of our past, our whole being is freed up to operate the way it was designed and life just naturally improves.  Alignment of your subconscious, conscious and higher conscious becomes the norm and life can then flow effortlessly.

How it Works Best

To begin an EFT Life and Wellness Coaching Program you will first want to identify what changes you’re good and ready to make. If you don’t know specifically, but you know that something needs to change then you’re in good shape to get started. This work always works best when you’re ready to get honest with yourself and are really desiring change.

Then the clearing begins…. We will take as much time as you need to clear all that’s preventing you from moving forward, like old hurts, fears, misaligned beliefs and past conditioning. Sessions Include EFT, powerful Energy Therapy Techniques, Ask and Receive and visioning or short guided meditations. Once you’re ready to move forward with creating something fresh, we will apply dynamic coaching methods to help you become powerfully aligned with your vision or desired reality.

The foundation for this work is grounded in processes that help you connect with your inner knowing, what’s true to your heart and your high-self.   Meditations and energy exercises to awaken, balance and energize you on all levels may find their way into this work.

Massage & Bodywork may be included in your in-office sessions and sessions may take place by phone or Skype.

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